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Access a bird's eye view of your account with a new dashboard feature inventory overview, quick reports, and links to detailed account information.


Dealers that regularly update their inventory and pricing are more likely to be the most successful on the Internet, and the new enhanced Inventory Management Tool provides tools to modify all your inventory. (Source: Dealer Advantage Poll, 5/2006)


Displaying multiple photos drives 31% more leads to your dealership, so we have designed a user- friendly interface to help you upload the most effective photos of your equipment and easily promote it online and offline. (Source: Dealer Advantage Poll, 9/2006)


Access reports detailing incoming phone and email leads, searches, ad views, and click-throughs to your website. Dealer HQ

Dealer Promo Non-Flash Graphic is an industry leader in the construction and farming equipment marketplace. Dealers who list their equipment for sale on receive multiple types of leads: phone calls, emails, access to "Locator Leads", and traffic to their websites.

Dealer Packages - What is included?

  • Inventory listings. Listings for every unit at the dealership. Each unit listing includes up to 25 photos, equipment specs and description, and full contact information to put Buyers directly in touch with the Dealer. Our Inventory Management Tool allows Dealers to manage their own inventory, add new listings, change current listings, adjust pricing, add photos, etc.
  • Data Feeds. For Dealers who already maintain their data, we’ll work with you to set up a daily feed. No need to duplicate your work!
  • Video - Dealers can leverage the power of video in a few ways: attach a video specific to each unit of inventory; attach a video that tells about your dealership, your people and your reputation; enhance your listings with our very own Video Brochures.
  • Lead Reporting & Tracking: Dealers are provided with a toll-free number that allows key information from every incoming phone call to be captured. That drives better follow-up, more closed sales, and increased ROI. We’re proud of the results our Dealers get - and we want you to see what they are!
  • Locator Leads: In addition to the leads that come directly to the dealership, Dealers are given access to inquiries submitted by equipment buyers who cannot find what they are looking for on the site. These inquiries are from active and motivated buyers.
  • Business Intelligence Reports: These reports enable better pricing and business decisions to drive more sales. Available within the Inventory Management Tool, Business Intelligence Reports offer insight into the Dealer’s current pricing and results and how these compare to other inventory in the market.

Tools to Increase Exposure, Accelerate Results:

  • Premium Listings: These larger listings appear at the top section of all search results. This drives more exposure and more leads for the Dealer’s priority units.
  • Banner Ads: Make your dealer name and brand stand out with state and regional banners that appear when searches are done for equipment and trailers in your geographic area.

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